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Halloween Wine Accessories!

Make sure to order these adorable wine accessories for Halloween while you still have time.  We make sure to ship out order the next business day or to ensure that your wine accessories arrive on time we have expedited shipping options available.

We have spider web wine bags and whimsical themed stoppers to dress up your wine bottle in it’s own Halloween costume.

Several styles of Lolita wine glasses – halloween

Cocktail napkins and party accessories

halloween napkins

But hurry! Supplies are limited and they are going fast!

check out our Halloween collection here

New Lolita Wine Glasses!

Lolita has just released new hand painted wine glasses and we have five of the to share with you.If you are not familiar with Lolita wine glasses here is a little of information. These wine glass are hand painted in a unique style that allows images to be viewed inside the wine glass as well as on the outside. they are safe to drink from and can hold 23 oz of liquid. these novelty wine glasses each have a custom recipe to match the theme of the wine glass. Each glass comes in its own gift box making shipping, storing, and transporting safe and easy!

These wine glass make great gifts and collectible items. Here is a description of some of our newest Lolita wine glasses.

Hot Mama Lolita Wine Glass is  for the more mature and sexy woman. This is one of Lolita’s sexiest wine glasses yet. Hot Mama by Lolita is decorate with red and black lingerie. The custom cocktail at the bottom of the wine glass will have you feeling young and sexy in moments.

Trophy Wife is Lolita’s newest comical wine glass. Painted with silver and gold, trophies and various medals adorn the glass. Enjoy your evening wine with this awarding wine glass.

Girlfriends Rule is a fresh and exciting wine glass decorated with popping bright phrases. Get one for each of your girlfriends to drink from on Ladies Night.

Silver Lining wine glass takes a new approach. Fun and gaudy, this wine glass pictures a silver painted heart adorned with colorful rhinestones.

Lolita’s Newest Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Attention Wine Divas!

We have just received the newest of Lolita’s hand painted wine glass collection.  While we recently introduced you to Tiara and Beach Diva, there are plenty more Lolita Wine Glasses to collect and enjoy.  Talkaholic, Girl’s Best Friend, Mommy’s Timeout, Miss Wine, and Multi Wine are five of Lolita’s newest and greatest.

Talkaholic is another one of Lolita’s colorful and comical wine glasses.  Covered with cell phones and phrases, any talkaholic will be able to hold a conversation with this wine glass.  A sweet and tart wine cocktail recipe can be found at the bottom of the glass.5newLolitaAugustDiamonds truly are a Girl’s Best Friend because they last forever and always make you smile.  Lolita’s most glamorous wine glass yet, Girl’s Best Friend, is covered with sparkling diamonds and glitz.  Diamond rings, bracelets, and necklaces dance around the wine glass as silver rhinestones stud the stem and more diamonds cover the base.

Mommy’s Time Out is one wine glass that every mother should have in her kitchen.  I mean seriously, put yourself in time out!  One minute for each year you have been alive, now go! And don’t forget the wine.  Mommy’s Time Out by Lolita will help to keep you relaxed, and if used correctly, sane.

Miss Wine is for any women who has dreamed of becoming Miss America but went after that bottle of wine instead.  A purple banner drapes across a frosted wine glass as confetti surrounds the glass.  Go ahead, everyone deserves a crown!

Multi Wine is the ultimate compilation wine glass. Fifteen of Lolita’s current and retired wine glasses are hand painted on the glass.  With Multi Wine, you have any wine you want. Enjoy a nice glass of  red wine, white wine, blush wine, sparkling wine, dessert wine, port wine…. did I miss any?

As always, each glass is hand painted and is accompanied with a Lolita Gift box.  Each Lolita wine glass has it’s own custom wine cocktail recipe.

New Lolita wine glasses

We have just received two of Lolita’s newest hand painted wine glasses this week!  Grab them while you can because they are starting to fly off the shelves.  You can choose from Tiara or Beach Diva.

Tiara is the perfect wine glass for anyone who believes they are decedents from royalty.  A sparkling silver tiara wraps around the wine glass embellished with pink and silver rhinestones and pearls. The tiara extends do the stem of the glass to the base, which is painted pink.  A sweet cherry pomegranate wine cocktail awaits for you underneath. NewLolita_1

Beach Diva is a playful summer wine glass. Decorated with a lot of glitz and sparkle, drinking from this glass will have you heading towards the water.  With all of the necessary beach equipment, sun hat, beach towel, a book, and wrap,  staring right at you, how could you resist?  The glass has a tropical wine cocktail recipe located at the bottom of the wine glass perfect for any sunny day.

Themed Gift Ideas


At Wine Diva we like to keep shopping fun and simple.   We have recently added a new category to make it easier to shop online.  It is our “Shop by Theme” category.  With so many products to look through,  sometimes product categories are not as helpful as product themes.

The “Shop by Theme” function is a collection of items from several product categories in groups such as Lolita , birthday, Wining and Bitching plus others.  Another new theme category is for the licensed designs of Lolita Yancey.  In addition to the Lolita wine glasses, which Wine Diva Shop has carried since its inception, this new category includes new items like Lolita napkins, party plates, and Lolita acrylic wine glass sets.  Wine Diva Shop has also added several Lolita wine glass styles so far this year. Look for our newest items such as wine shirts, painted wine glasses, and wine napkins.

With the past and continued addition of wine diva products, we wanted to give you more ways of finding that perfect hand painted wine glass or wine shirt.    Or find you girlfriend that one item that she does not have in Leopard print. Whatever it is you are shopping for we like to make sure that it is a fun and relaxing experience!

Happy Shopping Wine Divas!

Wine Diva Shop has also added a large selection of new products during 2010.  These items include new wine shirts, painted wine glasses, and wine napkins.

Wine Accessories for Summer

Summer is just around the corner but in a few places it seems to have already arrived!  Enjoy your summer with fun wine accessories.  Wine shirts, acrylic wine glasses to use pool side and fun Lolita hand painted wine glasses will help you cool down in the summer heat.

group therapy tank top_smGroup Therapy wine t-shirt is now available in a tank top!  Stay cool this summer and continue to display your playful side with this breezy Group Therapy Tank.  Use as a cover up or wear it during your summer vacation while visiting wineries across the country.  Group Therapy wine shirt makes a great gift for your gang of wine divas.  Hand them out while spilling gossip over a bottle of wine.  This tank style is also available in the rhinestone wine shirt Nice Rack.  Both are available in sizes Small-XXL and come with the option of gift wrap for upcoming Summer birthdays or thank you gifts.

Laying by the pool is great way to cool off  in summer heat without an expensive electricity bill. Wine divaLeopardwg gifts has found the best wine accessory for wine divas who enjoy sunbathing: Acrylic Lolita Wine Glasses!  Find some of your favorite Lolita designs in a wine glass that is pool friendly.  The glasses come in a set of two for the same price as a hand painted wine glass. Keep one for yourself and give one to a friend or just have a spare in case you hit the pool two days in a row.  These glass are also dishwasher safe when placed on the top rack.  Look for matching appetizer plates for snacks.

These new glass are a great option for outdoor activities and playing by the pool, but nothing can beat the classic Lolita summer themed wine glasses. Look for hand painted wine glasses like Bikini and Flip Flops. Paisley, one of Lolita’s newest releases, is also a great choice.  With bright colors of orange, green, and pink, your summer months will never be dull.

New Lolita Wine Glasses: BFF & Last Night Out

New Lolita Wine glasses have just arrived!   Celebrate friendship and love with the two newest glasses available.  Each glass holds 15 oz and has a custom wine cocktail recipe at the base of the glass.  Every Lolita glass also comes in a gift box, making it a breeze to give as a gift.

Lolita’s newest hand painted wine glass,  BFF – Best Friends Forever, is decorate with flowers, jewels and fun ways to write the letters BFF in many ways. This adorable glass should come in sets of two so that friends can have matching glasses.bff_lno

Lolita’s other newest glass is the Last Night Out hand painted wine glass.  If you are getting married or know someone who is about to tie the knot, this glass will help any bride to be celebrate.   Painted in pink white and black, every girl will love this glass.   Bachelorette parties are great fun, give the gift of Lolita’s Last Night Out Wine glass.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day approaching, we wanted to let you know about some of our wine accessories that Mom would love.  With a variety of wine glasses, wine shirts, home decor and chocolates to choose from, you can find something to fit any mom’s taste. We have also recently created themed gift baskets. This Group Therapy gift basket is just what Mom needs after taking care of the kids all day. It is filled with needed to put together a group therapy session, well with the exception of the wine. This basket includes brownie mix, wine glass charms, a group therapy wine bottle charm, a purse stopper and our popular Group Therapy wine t-shirt. Look for other great themed gift baskets like Leopard print, Zebra Print, Shoe Lovers, and Winey Bitch.


Hand painted wine glasses are a popular trend these days and Lolita has some of the best quality and consistency for a hand painted glass that one can find.   A great gift idea for Mom this year is a Lolita’s hand painted Queen wine glass.  When drinking from this rhinestone studded wine glass, your Mother will feel like royalty, at least for the day. We also have the same design in a set of two acrylic wine glasses, appetizer plates, and even wine napkins. Lolita also has a variety of animal print,  Gossip wine glass, and Dirty wine glass for the Mom’s with a wild side.  For the calmer, more peaceful mother take a look at “It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere” “Wine Tasting” and “Little Black Dress”.


Home decorations and chocolates are never a bad choice when shopping for mom.  We have three styles of the very popular wine cork cages: Wine bottle, barrel, and purse.  At the top of each of these items is an opening where you drop your cork inside.  Once the cork cage is full, you can remove the corks by opening a trap door at the bottom of each cork cage.   Another great home décor item is our Zebra High Heeled bottle holder.  Designed as a shoe with black and white stripes, this super tall heel cradles a bottle of wine.  Place this decorative wine holder on your kitchen counter, above the fridge or any room that has a wine or animal print motif.

Chocolates are always a great back up plan.  We carry a variety of chocolates, fudge and chocolate sauces.  If you didn’t read about any products that your Mother would love, take a look under our shop by theme category to find items like Lolita wine products, shoes and purses,  animal prints and many more.

Winey Bitch Wine Accessories

Have fun with your wine and wine accessories by adding sassy wine accessories to your home or gathering.  There are several products that involve word play with Bitch and wine, one of my favorites being “Winey Bitch.”   Being bitchy helps to get things accomplished so why not use that impressive skill set?  In today’s posting we will be exploring whiney and bitch wine accessories you can find online.


At affordable prices, cocktail napkins are a simple and fun way to liven up your kitchen or a party.  If you find napkins that you absolutely love and don’t want to use every last one, there are acrylic coasters that are cut in squares with a slit in the side so that you can slide a decorative or fun phrased napkin to create a custom coaster.   Once you get bored of the style, just pull it out and insert a new napkin.  You can change your coasters every week if you like!  Look for sassy Bitch napkins like, “Wine Takes the Bitch Right Out of Me”, “You Go Girl, and take those tacky shoes with you”, “Whining, Bitching, Moaning”, and “B.I.T.C.H. – Babe In Total Control of Herself.”

Wine glasses are available in multiple shapes, colors, phrases, and designs.  Two of the most popular of the phrases available to you are “Wine a Bit, You’ll Feel Better” and “Wine Time.”  While these phrases are fun, and very true, these two glasses have more sass and humorous undertones than most: “Wine Takes the Bitch Right out of Me” and “Without Family, Alcohol Wouldn’t be Necessary.”

At Wine Diva Shop you can also find hand painted wine glasses that are made by a local artist in Grapevine, TX.   My Girlfriend Glasses have sexy modern women hand painted in colorful dresses.  Sassy phrases like the ones found below are available for order now.  You can even order a customized wine glass and request for your favorite dress color, hair style and color as well as any phrase you can think of to have painted on the glass.  It generally takes about two weeks to create the wine glass and ship it out, but you will be ecstatic with the results.


Lolita is one of the largest manufactures of hand painted wine glasses with what seems like an endless collection of designs.  One of their newest is their PMS wine glass.   This glass is dedicated to making sure that when it is your hand, people will keep their distance, well until you need a refill that is.  Sometimes we just can’t help being a winey bitch, so the least we can do is have some sort of warning.  Look for other Lolita “whine” glasses like “Holiday Whine” and “Whine Time” throughout the year.

Look for several other great products like coasters and bottle stoppers in these phrases under Shop by Theme at WineDivaShop.

Retired Lolita Christmas Items

Hand Painted Lolita martini and wine glasses as well as mini wine and martini ornaments

Lolita has recently retired a few of their holiday Wine and Martini glasses and ornaments.  Don’t worry though, you can still find some of these exclusive products and this posting will point you in the right direction.  If you purchase before November, select items are available at a discount.  At you can find hand painted Lolita Christmas items like Wine and Martini Glasses and mini wine and martini ornaments.  Below is a list of the retired items that you may not be able to find anywhere else.

Visit Wine Diva Shop to purchase these limited Hand Painted Lolita Christmas items.

Wine Glass Ornaments

  • Celebration
  • Frosty’s Going Down
  • Jingle Bells
  • Kiss Me
  • Leopard
  • Princess
  • Shopaholic Too

Wine Glasses

  • Holiday Wine

Martini Glasses

Martini Ornaments

  • Almost Famous
  • Bejeweled
  • Celebration
  • Dirty
  • Electric Christmas
  • Flip Flop
  • Jingle Bells
  • Kiss Me
  • Ornamentini
  • Peace On Earth
  • Pretty Paper
  • Shopaholic
  • Stocking Stuffer