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Wine Shirts

Great new styles have been added to our already large selection of sassy rhinestone wine shirts. The playful puns and creative designs make these shirts a great way to explore your love of wine. We have just added three new designs to our selection.

Polly Wants Wine


Who would want a dry, salty cracker when tasty wine is available! I’m with Polly on this one.

Will work for Shoes and Wineshoesandwine

These are the only essentials for a woman! Give me a task and some wine, and this Diva will be satisfied.

What Happens at the Winery


Phew– I’m glad that one is straightened out! This Diva will be returning to the winery soon.

Browse our website for more sassy wine accessories and wine shirt styles,

Rhinestone Wine Shirts – New Styles!

Rhinestone wine shirts are a fashion trend among wine princesses and wine divas!  We have recently added several new shirts over to our selection of stylish wine clothing.  Make a statement with attire suited for any wine lover.  We have three new wine t-shirt styles  to share with you!

CS_Shirts_DRS_MSC My Doctor Says I Need Glasses Mommy’s Sippy Cup

put a cork in it blkPut A Cork In It

We still carry the popular wine shirts like Well Red and Drinks Well with Others.  Rhinestone wine t-shirts make a fun and unique gift for any occasion.  The witty and sassy wine phrase will lift any spirit. Request gift wrapping at checkout for a swift and easy gift giving process.

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Happy Shopping Wine Divas!

Wine Shirts, Now Available in Tank Tops

At Wine Diva Shop we carry a large variety of wine shirts.  These shirts have multiple fun and sassy wine related puns and are available in over 15 styles.  Our newest addition is the Screw It Tank.  Decorated with a old fashioned cork screw made from sparkling rhinestones, Screw It wine tee will help you relax after a long week.  The shirt is 100% cotton and a size chart is available online.

Wine Tanks Tops

These shirts make great gifts for friends.  Look for the gift wrap option when checking out.  We will wrap it in pink and brown paper, pack it, and ship it to lucky recipient!  We also have several other great Birthday items.

Wine Accessories for Summer

Summer is just around the corner but in a few places it seems to have already arrived!  Enjoy your summer with fun wine accessories.  Wine shirts, acrylic wine glasses to use pool side and fun Lolita hand painted wine glasses will help you cool down in the summer heat.

group therapy tank top_smGroup Therapy wine t-shirt is now available in a tank top!  Stay cool this summer and continue to display your playful side with this breezy Group Therapy Tank.  Use as a cover up or wear it during your summer vacation while visiting wineries across the country.  Group Therapy wine shirt makes a great gift for your gang of wine divas.  Hand them out while spilling gossip over a bottle of wine.  This tank style is also available in the rhinestone wine shirt Nice Rack.  Both are available in sizes Small-XXL and come with the option of gift wrap for upcoming Summer birthdays or thank you gifts.

Laying by the pool is great way to cool off  in summer heat without an expensive electricity bill. Wine divaLeopardwg gifts has found the best wine accessory for wine divas who enjoy sunbathing: Acrylic Lolita Wine Glasses!  Find some of your favorite Lolita designs in a wine glass that is pool friendly.  The glasses come in a set of two for the same price as a hand painted wine glass. Keep one for yourself and give one to a friend or just have a spare in case you hit the pool two days in a row.  These glass are also dishwasher safe when placed on the top rack.  Look for matching appetizer plates for snacks.

These new glass are a great option for outdoor activities and playing by the pool, but nothing can beat the classic Lolita summer themed wine glasses. Look for hand painted wine glasses like Bikini and Flip Flops. Paisley, one of Lolita’s newest releases, is also a great choice.  With bright colors of orange, green, and pink, your summer months will never be dull.

New Wine Shirts are Now Available

With so many people looking for wine shirts, Wine Diva thought “Let’s find some more styles!”  So here you are divas, new shirt options to express your love for wine.  We have even found a shirt for the sparkling wine and champagne lovers because you are divas too!

Three great new rhinestone wine shirts are now  available for purchase.   Choose from Bubbly, Mommy’s Sippy Cup, Wines For a Living, or get all three!


All shirts are black baby doll tee’s and are decorated as pictured below. They come in sizes Medium, Large, and Extra Large.  Look for other fun and sassy wine shirts that sparkle!  Happy Shopping!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day approaching, we wanted to let you know about some of our wine accessories that Mom would love.  With a variety of wine glasses, wine shirts, home decor and chocolates to choose from, you can find something to fit any mom’s taste. We have also recently created themed gift baskets. This Group Therapy gift basket is just what Mom needs after taking care of the kids all day. It is filled with needed to put together a group therapy session, well with the exception of the wine. This basket includes brownie mix, wine glass charms, a group therapy wine bottle charm, a purse stopper and our popular Group Therapy wine t-shirt. Look for other great themed gift baskets like Leopard print, Zebra Print, Shoe Lovers, and Winey Bitch.


Hand painted wine glasses are a popular trend these days and Lolita has some of the best quality and consistency for a hand painted glass that one can find.   A great gift idea for Mom this year is a Lolita’s hand painted Queen wine glass.  When drinking from this rhinestone studded wine glass, your Mother will feel like royalty, at least for the day. We also have the same design in a set of two acrylic wine glasses, appetizer plates, and even wine napkins. Lolita also has a variety of animal print,  Gossip wine glass, and Dirty wine glass for the Mom’s with a wild side.  For the calmer, more peaceful mother take a look at “It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere” “Wine Tasting” and “Little Black Dress”.


Home decorations and chocolates are never a bad choice when shopping for mom.  We have three styles of the very popular wine cork cages: Wine bottle, barrel, and purse.  At the top of each of these items is an opening where you drop your cork inside.  Once the cork cage is full, you can remove the corks by opening a trap door at the bottom of each cork cage.   Another great home décor item is our Zebra High Heeled bottle holder.  Designed as a shoe with black and white stripes, this super tall heel cradles a bottle of wine.  Place this decorative wine holder on your kitchen counter, above the fridge or any room that has a wine or animal print motif.

Chocolates are always a great back up plan.  We carry a variety of chocolates, fudge and chocolate sauces.  If you didn’t read about any products that your Mother would love, take a look under our shop by theme category to find items like Lolita wine products, shoes and purses,  animal prints and many more.

Sale on Wine Shirts!

Check out these fun and sassy wine shirts that have been marked down.  You can save 20% on these shirts!   Rhinestone wine t-shirts have been a popular pick among wine lovers.  They come in all sorts of fun styles and phrases.  Generally priced just under $30.00, there are two great rhinestone wine tees that are only $19.99.  These black rhinestone shirts have wine phrases like Got Wine and Wine Diva written in sparkling rhinestones.  These wine shirts will have you flaunting your sass in no time.


Go bed with wine on your mind with some of these fun night shirts.  All shirts are 100% cotton and come in their own cloth drawstring bag with the shirt phrase on the bag too!   The shirt is ends at about mid thigh to just above the knee, depending on your height.  One size fits all.

Therapy has taught Me It’s all His fault

I’ll Drink No Wine until it’s in my glass

I majored In Wine tasting

Listen Honey, it’s my favorite color…Merlot!


If you like some of these shirts take a look this line of Rhinestone Wine Shirts.  They aren’t on sale but are fun to wear!  Sleep well Wine Divas and dream of wine.

New Wine Shirts: Save Water Drink Wine and Well Red.

Looking for a new way to show how much you love wine?  Then we have the perfect solution: a sassy, black v-neck, fitted shirt, ornamented with colorful rhinestones. We have two new rhinestone wine t-shirts.  These new shirts are playful, stylish and clever allowing your personality to show through.   With these sparkling shirts, you can shine everywhere you go.

Environmentalists who are concerned about the lack of clean fresh water are sure to get a kick out of our newest wine shirt.  This black v-neck shirt with “Save Water, Drink Wine” written in blue and purple rhinestones, will get you and your cause noticed.   A carefully placed glass of wine and water droplet adds some extra glitz.  Now every time you wear this shirt you can remind others to conserve our precious supply of water, and maybe get a glass of wine out of it.

For the woman who enjoys relaxing with a good book and a glass of wine, the Well Red wine shirt, is just what you have been looking for.  A glass of red wine and an open book with ”Well Red” written across its pages is created with red and white rhinestones.  Glittery designs like these will have you looking through all of our wine shirts to see which one fits your personality.  These shirts and others are available in sizes Medium through XX-Large.