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Thanksgiving – Diva Style

We all know that right after Halloween (and sometimes even before) the holiday displays are up, glittering and twinkling, begging us to buy early, shop now and stock up – but perhaps this November shouldn’t be ALL about the holidays (maybe mostly, butcorkpurse not all). With Thanksgiving swiftly approachSunflowering, why not focus first on how to Diva up the feast to impress your guests and create lively conversation. Start with center pieces. We all can be thankful for the shoes on our feet – but how about the shoes on the table? Try out a football themed shoe, or even a sunflower beauty as a striking centerpiece.

You might even want to suggest to your family/guests this year to each bring a bottle of wine – more wine will mean more fun! Try coordinating your table settings to the holder of your choice – and don’t forget the wine stopper! Another fun item for the feast table is our selection of cork cages. Why not have all your guests write on slips of paper something they are thankful for and place it in the cork cage – then throughout the evening, each time a cork/bottle top goes in, a slip of paper comes out and is read aloud. However you decide to celebrate Thanksgiving this year – make sure to make it a Diva Thanksgiving. Happy Shopping!

It’s All About the Shoes


All a girl needs are some new shoes and a glass of wine to be happy.  Why not combine the two? Get ready; today it is all about the shoes.

For the shoe loving wine divas, there is a modern stemless wine glass that has just about every shoe style and color a girl could want.  Shoes! is a hand painted wine glass that holds 23 oz of wine, giving your red wine plenty of room to breathe, or the option of having a large glass wine, it is your choice.   Accented with three rows of purple and green squares at the bottom of the glass adds extra flare.  If you prefer a more traditional  style, look for Shoes! in a stemmed wine glass.

For an inexpensive way to show your love for shoes, look for cocktail napkin themes based around shoes. Lolita has recently come out with a Stiletto cocktail napkin.  Various stiletto shoes float around the pink napkin with one amazing black high heeled shoe in the center with the phrase “Never high enough” written in black ink.  Another great napkin is Lolita’s Flip Flop Napkin.  This Summery napkin uses a play on words to grab your attention.  It is decorated with various flip flops and the phrase “A Girl is allowed to change her mind.”  Priced at only $5.00 for a set of 20, these shoe napkins will not be a deal breaker when it comes to throwing your next party.

Another great shoe item is a set of three shoe canapé spreaders, great for dips, cheese spreads, and butter.   Each shoe on the stainless steel spreader is different. There is a pink heel with white polka dots, a yellow heel with green stripes and a black ankle boot with leopard trim around the ankle.   The shoe canapé set makes a great addition to any gathering of girlfriends or kitchen decor and are durable enough for everyday use.

If you like other alcoholic beverages besides wine, then look too this Shoe Bottle opener.  At the ball of this silver high heeled shoe is the bottle opener, hiding it discretely when it is put on display.  Accented with three rhinestones at the toe of the shoe, this is one bottle opener that you will want to leave sitting out.  Make opening that beer look classy!

Enjoy your shoes wine divas!  Look for postings about Winey Bitch and Purse wine accessories coming to you soon.